A Berlin company with tradition

NOVAPAX is a medium-sized family business that was founded in 1949, has been in existence for over 70 years and is based in Berlin.
As an expert in the manufacture and supply of components and moulds for plastic parts, NOVAPAX is a long-standing partner of its internationally active customers in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries and various other sectors. > weiter lesen
Development, mould construction and injection moulding production are all in one hand and form a strong technological foundation.
Customers are offered an integrated service concept. Technical components and assemblies are developed from the latest efficient use, production technology and automation in order to be able to survive in international competition.

Project 1114-B1-E central material supply system ZMV

As part of the BENE funding programme, the central material supply system was funded by the ERDF and the state of Berlin under project number 1114-B1-E.
The stationary central material supply system was specially designed for the Novapax production facilities. > weiter lesen
The conveying system is designed machine-related, i.e. for each processing machine a material line is led from the central coupling station with various outlets to the machine. The dry hoppers and the processing machines are fed via separate conveying circuits with self-cleaning filters. The conveying to the processing machines takes place in a closed circuit with recirculated air. The central, frequency-controlled and thus load-dependent air volume control achieves considerable energy savings compared to the existing mobile drying units and significantly increases the efficiency of the entire material handling.  Depending on the load spectrum and material, the energy saving is expected to be more than 60 % compared to the individual units.